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Friendly Serviceman

Matt was very polite and got right to business of diagnosing my air conditioner problems. He explained everything. Very knowledgeable!
Sandra – Link Right Local

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Great service

Comfort Masters is servicing our systems for 3+ years and their twice a year system check up always gives me peace of mind. Recently they installed USA made surge protectors which I think is essential on any system in Texas!
C B – Link Right Local

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Wonderful!!!! James Rocks!!!

James is wonderful, so nice and knowledgeable. He is also very respectful. I loved having him here.
Mary – Link Right Local

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Top notch service

Continue to be impressed with Comfortmasters and Matthew as a technician.
Shawn – Link Right Local

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Outstanding service…like always

Had a problem with a warm upstairs from the unit not kicking on and Jacob came out and diagnosed the problem pretty quick. Replaced the faulty capacitor and the 2nd floor is back where it should be. Comfort Masters is my go-to for all HVAC related issues. Highly recommended!
Bruce – Link Right Local

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Quick and efficient!

Josh got in, got the job done and got our AC back up and working. Thankful that comfort masters got us taken care of so quickly.
Kristian – Link Right Local

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Amazing service

Matt was out and with out hesitation recognized the problem and fixed and was done in short time. Quality customer service and amazing technical support
Devan – Link Right Local

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Excellent Service

Joshua was very professional and provided excellent service. He walked me through what looked good, what we needed to keep an eye on, and what we should address right away. It is employees like him that customers find value in. Keep up the awesome work.
William – Link Right Local

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Technician was very knowledgeable and answered all my questions. Very friendly and courteous. I cose to sign up for a plan . Very reasonable and cost efficient. I highly recommend.
Theodore Trevino – Link Right Local

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It was great service the price was fine

Mathew was nice , very knowledgeable , explained every thing and some times twice without getting upset with me. I really liked his service
Darlene – Link Right Local

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Great Service

Matt was very friendly, courteous and knowledgeable. The service provided by Comfort Masters is unparalleled. Finally a AC/Heat service I can trust.
Scott – Link Right Local

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David Hatch

Josh seemed to be very thorough with the check up. He is explained that we should have float switches installed. He was one the best technicians we have had.
David – Link Right Local

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Best of Fort Worth & West Metroplex

“Awesome company to have on your side, from start to finish, they made sure everything was running as it should and that we were satisfied. All were super professional, polite and patient with us, would recommend to everyone!! 5 STAR COMPANY FOR SURE!”

-Nancy E, Google Review

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Clean Home Guarantee

Sweeping, dusting, and vacuuming will be accomplished at the conclusion of each days work and all debris from the premises

Satisfaction Guarantee

All work will be preformed in a neat and professional manner by journeyman class technicians. 

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