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AC Services in Fort Worth, Including Tarrant, Parker, and Johnson Counties

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Air Conditioning Services in Forth Worth

Having reliable air conditioning is essential when you live in the Fort Worth area. That’s why Comfort Masters Heating & Air Conditioning is dedicated to providing homeowners with high-quality AC repairs, maintenance, and air conditioning installation services. Our team understands that you want your home to feel cool and comfortable, especially when the temperatures rise in the summer months. Whether you need a new AC system for your home, routine maintenance for your air conditioning, or prompt repairs, we’re here to help you out.

We’ve been providing residential customers in Tarrant, Parker, and Johnson counties with top-quality AC services since 2003. We work to make sure that you have an AC system that is able to operate as efficiently as possible throughout the year.

At Comfort Masters, we offer outstanding  air conditioning services in Fort Worth & the surrounding areas, including:

  • 24/7 emergency AC repairs
  • Air conditioning maintenance to keep your cooling systems in excellent condition
  • New AC installations for when your system isn’t working correctly and it’s time to replace your system

When your home’s air conditioning system isn’t working correctly, or it’s time to upgrade your home,  you can depend on our technicians for timely AC service in Fort Worth!

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AC Repair in Fort Worth

The last thing you want during a Fort Worth heat wave is for your air conditioning to stop working. Unfortunately, that can happen from time to time, even when you take good care of your system. If you run into any trouble with your air conditioning, Comfort Masters can provide you with AC repair services. Whether you have a refrigerant leak, a broken compressor, or any other issue, our technicians can inspect your AC system to discover the cause of the problem and fix it right away. When you depend on us to take care of the air conditioning repairs at your Fort Worth area home, you can rely on having a cool home interior all year long.

AC Replacement and Installation in Fort Worth

Air conditioning systems are designed to be durable and last for a number of years. Over time, though, they do wear out and need to be replaced. In some cases, it makes more sense to replace an older system when it’s broken instead of having it repaired. When you need AC replacement and installation services at your Tarrant County area home, our team at Comfort Masters will be there for you. Our technicians can replace your current system with one that is more efficient so that your home stays cooler and your utility bills stay lower. You can rely on our team to expertly handle all parts of the installation process.

AC Maintenance and Tune Ups in Fort Worth

One of the most effective ways to keep your air conditioning system working efficiently over the years is with routine maintenance and tune ups. These services allow the technicians at Comfort Masters to check for potential problems with your AC system so that we can take immediate steps to fix these issues before they get worse. AC maintenance and tune-ups can also help your system last longer than it would otherwise. Our team does thorough inspections and performs all maintenance and tune up tasks to ensure that your air conditioning system remains in good condition and is fully prepared for the summer months when it needs to run more often to keep your home cool.

Education for Homeowners

We answer all your questions so you can be confident in your decisions.

Clean Home Guarantee

Sweeping, dusting, and vacuuming will be accomplished at the conclusion of each days work and all debris from the premises

Satisfaction Guarantee

All work will be preformed in a neat and professional manner by journeyman class technicians. 

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AC & Duct Work in Fort Worth

If you have ducts in your Fort Worth home, that is what the cool air from your AC system passes through in order to reach different rooms. When you have ducts that are filled with debris or ducts that have damage, your home might be cooled unevenly and with reduced efficiency.

Our team at Comfort Masters can do AC duct work to keep your ducts in good condition so that airflow won’t be impeded. We can also install or replace AC ducts as needed in your home to make sure that all areas are cooled evenly. This helps keep your home more comfortable all year long.

Air Handlers in Fort Worth

Your HVAC system’s air handler is designed to provide all parts of your home with a steady flow of air that travels through your ductwork. When components of the air handler break down or become damaged or dirty, this can affect the way the entire unit functions.

At Comfort Masters Heating & Air Conditioning, our technicians have several years of experience diagnosing air handler problems, making repairs, and doing installations or replacements as needed. When you’re having any issues with the air handler in your Fort Worth area home’s HVAC system, you can depend on us for prompt service.

What Size of Air Conditioner Do I Need?

Air conditioners not only come in different types, but they come in different sizes, too. In general, larger spaces require larger air conditioners. However, just going up in size may not achieve the results you’ve been hoping for. You may also need to install more than one A/C unit to effectively cool your home.

Our experts can help you find an optimally-sized air conditioner for your house. Here are the principles we use to do that. 

How Big of an Air Conditioner Do I Need?

You want an air conditioner that is big enough to cool your home without being too big. Sure, larger units cool faster, but they don’t remove as much humidity from your air. This is a key function of air conditioning that many people aren’t aware of. If the unit cools your home too fast, it won’t run long enough to also dehumidify.

On the other hand, you don’t want a unit that’s too small because it will run all the time and drive your electricity bill sky-high. It might be cheaper to buy but it certainly won’t be cheaper to run!

What Size Central Air Conditioner Do I Need?

Multiply the square footage of your home (or the square footage that this air conditioner will be responsible for cooling) by 25 and that’s how many BTUs you need. BTUs measure the cooling power of an air conditioner and all units coming from respectable manufacturers will have this number listed for each unit. If you can’t find one that matches your BTU number exactly, find the nearest match. 

What Size Window Air Conditioner Do I Need?

Window air conditioners also have their power measured in BTUs. Take the square footage of the area that the air conditioner will cool and multiply it by 25. Then find a window unit powerful enough to cool that room.

Get AC Services in Fort Worth from Comfort Masters Today!

When you need repairs, maintenance, installation, or other air conditioning services in Fort Worth, you can count on Comfort Masters Heating & Air Conditioning to provide it. Our technicians know that having an HVAC system that works properly is an essential part of making sure that your home interior feels comfortable, especially when it heats up outside.

Whether you need to have your HVAC system replaced or find out why it’s not working, you can depend on our skilled technicians to handle the job. When you have any problems with your HVAC system or when it’s time to have it maintained or replaced, get in touch with us for service.

Warranty-Backed Work

We offer 1-2 year warranties on repairs and up to 10-year warranties on systems we install so you can be confident your system will last.