Image of an HVAC unit with text that says What is an Air Handler?

Almost every home in the United States relies on air conditioning units to help keep them cool during the summer. If you have a split A/C unit, then you have probably heard the term ‘air handler’ from your air conditioning technician. An air handler is an essential part of your A/C unit that is in charge of creating cool air for your home. In order to create a clearer understanding of the workings of your air conditioner, this article focuses on air handlers and how they work.

Definition of Air Handler

The air handler is the inside portion of a split air conditioning unit. It is in charge of conditioning the air inside of your home to make it comfortable. It does this by pulling in warm air, passing it over the evaporator coils to help cool it down. It then blows the conditioned air back into your home, giving you some relief from the heat. This process may sound simple, but there are three major components that are essential for the air handler to do its job correctly:

1. Air Filter

The air filter is located between the intake vent and the fan of the air handler. Its job is to make sure the air being pulled into the system is clean before it becomes cool. It does this by catching dirt, pet dander, and airborne contaminants. If left in the air, these contaminants can cause those in the home to become ill. It is important to ensure that you clean or change your air filter monthly. Doing this will allow the air to flow more smoothly and keep it cleaner for you and your family.

2. Evaporator Coils

The evaporator coils are the components of the air handler that is in charge of cooling down your air. Refrigerant, held in the outside unit, is pumped out as high temperature, high-pressure gas into the air handler. Next, the valve inside of the air handler converts the refrigerant from a gas form into a liquid by lowering the pressure, which results in the temperature going down. The liquid is then pumped into the coils. Warm, purified air is passed over the top of the evaporator coils. The liquid refrigerant in the coils begins to cool down the air. The hot temperature pulled from the air coming in results in the refrigerant being changed into a gas. The condensed refrigerant is pushed back through the vents to the outdoor unit where the process will begin all over again.

3. Blower

The blower is a simple device in your air handler that has an essential function. It pushes the cool air from the handler back out into your home. The blower works continuously when your unit is on resulting in it being under a lot of strain. When it comes to air conditioning repairs, the blower is one of the components to be a source of the problem. Especially when the temperature is constantly being switched back and forth by those living in the home.

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