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Smelling Dirty Socks? It Could Be Your Air Conditioner

An outdoor air conditioner with the words, "Signs of Dirty Sock Syndrome."

If you can’t shake the smell of dirty socks in your home, the problem may not be your laundry detergent; it may actually be your air conditioner. Dirty Sock Syndrome is a term used to describe the foul moldy odor given by an air conditioning when you turn it on. Read on to learn the […]

Why Is My Air Conditioning Making Noise?

An outdoor air conditioning unit with the words, "why is my air conditioner being noisy?"

There are already enough stories of things that go bump in the night if you’re in the mood for a tale of horror. Your air conditioner doesn’t have to be one of them. If your air conditioner has taken to making noises it shouldn’t, it is probably trying to tell you something. Read on to […]

Are Air Conditioners Covered By Homeowners Insurance?

A picture of a beautiful house with the words, air conditioners covered by homeowners insurance?

In the dead of winter, most people aren’t thinking about their air conditioning units. Enveloped by the chilly weather, grey skies, and dim twilight of winter, it can feel like the warm brightness of summer is eons away. But warm weather will be back and sooner than it might seem, so it’s important to make […]

Tips on How to Stay Cool When Your AC Breaks

A lady is checking her air conditioner with the words, stay cool when your AC breaks.

Nothing is worse than arriving home to find that your air conditioning has broken down and turned your house into a sauna. The Texas heat can leave your house feeling hot and muggy, which in turn can leave you feeling sweaty, irritable, and exhausted. A home like this will have you scrambling for options, some […]

Central Air Conditioner vs Ductless Mini-Split

Man inspecting his air conditioning unit, with the words, central air vs. ductless mini-split.

Last year, approximately 5.4 million air conditioning units were sold and shipped in the U.S., which means that a lot of people made a decision that’s going to affect their comfort and their budget for years to come. If you’re looking to make a similar decision this year, you may wonder what your options are. The […]

How to Maintain Your Air Conditioner

A tool bag is sitting on top of an air conditioner, with the words how to maintain air conditioner.

It’s miserable coming home from a long day at work only to find that your air conditioning unit isn’t working properly. Common causes of a malfunctioning or broken air conditioner – such as low refrigerant, poor electrical connections, or dirty evaporator coils – can all be avoided with regular maintenance. Not only will routine maintenance help […]

What is an Air Handler and How does it Work?

Image of an HVAC unit with text that says What is an Air Handler?

Almost every home in the United States relies on air conditioning units to help keep them cool during the summer. If you have a split A/C unit, then you have probably heard the term ‘air handler’ from your air conditioning technician. An air handler is an essential part of your A/C unit that is in […]

How Does a Traditional Air Conditioner Work?

Man on a couch with text that says How Traditional Air Conditioners Work

In the harsh heat of summer, people across the country rely on their air conditioners to keep them cool. Even though air conditioners are fairly common today, not many people understand how they work. Here is an outline of how a traditional air conditioner works: Refrigerant Your air conditioner would be completely ineffective if it wasn’t for […]

Do I Need my A/C Unit Repaired or Replaced?

A worn down A/C unit on the side of a house beside the words "A/C Unit Repair or Replacement"

When you run into a mechanical problem with your home’s air conditioning unit, you may ask yourself whether it’s worth it to spend the money on a repair or if it would be a better use of your hard-earned money to replace the entire unit. While there is no universal answer, there are some questions you can ask […]