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Propane vs Natural Gas: Which is Better for Home Heating?

A picture of a home heater beside the words "Propane vs Natural Gas Heaters"

When you heat your home with a furnace or boiler, you can use natural gas or propane as your fuel source. There are a number of factors that you must take into consideration when choosing between the two, such as environmental impact, energy efficiency, price, convenience, and safety. Here is a comparison between propane and natural […]

Do I Need Emergency HVAC Repairs?

A technician holding an HVAC testing gauge below the words "Emergency HVAC Repairs"

When your heater or air conditioner breaks down or starts acting up, it doesn’t always happen before 5:00 PM on a weekday. HVAC problems that occur during off hours can be annoying and even worrying, but before you call for immediate assistance, you should ask yourself: Does this problem require emergency repair? You’re no HVAC […]