Repair technician troubleshooting a problem with an AC Unit

Diagnosing Your Heating & Air Conditioning System

At first sign of a problem a customer calls.  Our goal is to get out as quickly as possible to access your system.

In this process we:  

  • Find the problem
  • Give you a report on the problem and the cost
  • Give you consequences of no action
  • Try to give options and this depends on several things as well, like
  1. Depending on repair cost, for instance, we try to put an OEM part in versus universal part
  2. How old is the system
  3. If there are energy saving issues (see our install tab)
  4. If you’re still using R22 versus 410A

Our certified technicians work on all makes and models.  We give you quality work and expert advice but leave the decision to you.   We also recommend maintaining your unit 2 times a year and being on our maintenance program so we can keep an eye on your unit and hopefully catch repairs that could keep your system from breaking down on the hottest day of the year.  Our maintenance program gives you 24 our priority service as well.  How great is that when it is 105 degrees outside.  

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