Signs That My Thermostat Needs To Be Replaced

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Signs That My Thermostat Needs To Be Replaced

It’s easy to jump to the conclusion that something is wrong with your heater or air conditioning unit when it refuses to start or has trouble maintaining the correct temperature. The culprit, however, may be your thermostat. Like every part of your unit, your thermostat was not built to last forever; at some point, it is going to need to be replaced or serviced. However, how can you tell for sure that your thermostat is the cause of the problem and that it’s not something wrong with the unit itself? Here are a few signs you can check for:

Your Heater of Air Conditioner Is Not Starting

The thermostat is the translator between your desires and the performance of your HVAC unit. When it doesn’t come on at the right time, your thermostat may have a few potential problems. It may be misreading the temperature in the room, causing issues when it comes to reporting the correct signal for your HVAC unit to respond. This means that your room may be colder or hotter than you actually want it. Why is this problem happening? Well, there could be a few issues:

Your thermostat’s sensor is being blocked by bulky furniture. Your system needs to be able to test your room’s air to get an accurate temperature. Objects in front of the sensor can block airflow, resulting in that one area being slightly warmer or colder. This could result in your thermostat not communicating with your unit to turn on when it needs to.In this case, doing some rearranging of your room could help solve the issue. Make sure that large furniture is never placed directly in front of your thermostat. Also, be mindful to not hang picture frames or paintings in front of the thermostat as well.

Your thermostat has defective wiring. Unfortunately, defective wiring can develop over time as the unit ages. In this case, you are going to need a replacement unit. If you believe this is the source of the problem, you can call your HVAC technician to come and test your thermostat. They will then be able to recommend and help install a replacement for you.

Air Conditioning or Heater is Constantly Running

If your unit is constantly running, this is a definite sign that something is wrong with your thermostat. Odds are, the wiring in the unit is bad. This results in it taking false readings of your home’s temperature and failing to communicate with your unit to turn it off. Faulty wiring is not something that can be fixed and unfortunately, means that your unit has reached the end of its lifespan and needs to be replaced. An expert HVAC technician can help you replace your thermostat.

Your Home Has Different Temperatures in Each Room

It’s uncomfortable to go from a really hot room to a really cold room. You want your home to be one consistent temperature. If your rooms are showing extreme differences in temperature, this means that something is wrong with the control center, also known as your thermostat. This phenomenon occurs when your thermostat tells your unit to turn off or on when it is not supposed to. This causes the farther rooms in your home to not feel the effect of cool or warm air. This could be an issue of dead batteries. Try replacing the batteries and if this doesn’t work, call an HVAC technician to get a replacement thermostat.

Your Thermostat Will Not Turn On

When your thermostat is showing a blank screen or will not turn on, this is a strong indication that its batteries have died. Typically, changing the batteries can help resolve the issue without the need for you to get a replacement thermostat. However, if the batteries did not help bring your thermostat back to life, it is time for a new one.

The HVAC technicians at Comfort Master Heating & Air Conditioning can help you find the perfect replacement for your thermostat. When it comes to HVAC units, we know them like the back of our own hands. This means that all of our services are thorough and are guaranteed to get to and solve the root of the problem. Contact Comfort Masters Heating & Air Conditioning today for more information on our services!

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