Spend time with your family, not your heater.

family enjoying warm holiday dinner

There’s a troublesome little guest at your family gathering. It’s not behaving. It won’t be quiet. And it’s making everybody uncomfortable. No, it’s not your hyperactive nephew: it’s your heater.

The last thing you want to worry about during the holidays is a broken or defective heating unit. Between the loud noises, inefficient heating, and the general stress, you want to make sure it is running properly. The holidays are for spending time with family, after all, not your heater.

Here’s why regular maintenance is important for your heater during the holidays.

All Is Calm, Except For Your Heater

If your heater is giving you anything less than a silent night, it might be time to contact an expert. Get to know a few sounds that your heater makes and see if it’s normal for your equipment. 

Loud Banging 

If your heater turns on with a loud bang, you might have a problem with the ignition system. For loud banging noises coming from the heater, the sooner you call a trained expert the better.


No, your heater hasn’t somehow picked up a tune. Whistling means that there is something blocking the flow of air. And this could mean dirty air filters, blocked ductwork, closed vents, or something bigger.


Clunking sounds often mean there’s a problem with the fan—the blades can hit the walls or other things as it rotates. If you hear clunking from your heater, your best course of action is simply to shut it off and contact an expert.

Make sure your heater isn’t bothering your guests. Listen for these sounds and contact an expert.

Stay Warm Inside

When it’s cold outside, it shouldn’t also be cold inside. And if you’re having family over, they shouldn’t be expected to bring blankets alongside their side dishes.If your heater doesn’t seem to be running as hot or as efficiently as it should, here are three things you could do 

Seal the Ductwork

Leaky ducts can cause your home to lose as much as 30% of your heat. You can seal the cracks you find with metal tape or sealant.

Change the Air Filter 

Air filters keep dust, dirt, and debris out of your home. But they don’t last forever. If your home isn’t warming up as it should, try changing the air filter.

Schedule Regular Maintenance

When in doubt, call the experts! Regular maintenance on your heater isn’t just important for your equipment’s longevity, it can also give you more time with your family. Join the Comfort Masters Savings Club to save on regular maintenance and get service faster!

Regular Heater Maintenance Can Make the Holidays Bright (and Warm)

Don’t put off regular heater maintenance like holiday shopping. Get it done now so you can spend a worry-free holiday with your family. Call Comfort Masters Today!