How To Stay Warm When Your Heater Goes Out?

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How To Stay Warm When Your Heater Goes Out?

Winter is here. Roasting marshmallows, enjoying hot cups of rich hot cocoa, and snuggling up to watch a good movie under a big fluffy blanket are all activities designed to help you relax while keeping you warm. Unfortunately, when your home’s heater fails, the cold creeps in. Is your heater currently out of order and in need of repair? Follow these five handy tips from Comfort Masters to help keep you warm until the professionals arrive.

1. Create Your Own Igloo

Similar to the construction of an igloo, you can create a sealed-off room that locks in the heat. Igloos stay warm on the inside because they are a small space protected from the cold surrounding it. Since smaller spaces are easier to keep warm, find a room in your home that will work well. Move your family, pets, and any comforts (e.g., food, books, blankets, and entertainment). Next, close every door within your house. Use a towel or a sheet to cover the gap between the door and the floor. This will keep the heat from escaping underneath.

Build A Fort

Build a fort with your little ones to make them excited about the short mini-vacation from the rest of the house. Line the bottom of your fort with comfy pillows and blankets to provide some extra warmth. Once it’s all done, snuggle up and enjoy a nice movie or a story.

 2. Bring Out the Electronics

Game systems, computers, and even DVD/Blu-Ray players produce heat while in use. Encourage your kids, husband, or wife to enjoy a few rounds of their favorite games or watch a movie.

Utilize space heaters and heating pads/blankets. These can help ensure that your space stays nice and toasty while your family enjoys some quality time together. Just remember ― do not fall asleep while these items remain on. Doing so will not only run up your electric bill, but it can also increase the risk of a fire or burn injury.

3. Soup’s On!

Baking or cooking a hot meal or dessert can leave your family’s tummies happy and your home nice and warm. Some of our favorite cold-weather dishes are soup, pot pie, or pasta. The oven and stove will help increase the heat in your house, plus your family’s bellies will be nice and full, allowing the body to feel warm and relaxed.

4. Warm the Soul With Hot Mug of Cocoa

While we always suggest the richness of hot chocolate, you can also opt for hot tea, apple cider, or even coffee. No matter what your favorite hot drink to sip on is, it will warm your soul and your fingers as you enjoy it. Just don’t forget the marshmallows for the cocoa.

5. Dust-Off Those Sleeping Bags

If you really want to make your cold fort into a camping experience, it might be time to bust out those sleeping bags. Sleeping bags are built to trap in heat as even summer nights can get cold. A sleeping bag will have you as warm as a bug in a rug and can make the experience more enjoyable for little ones.

The specialists at Comfort Masters Heating & Air Conditioning are experts at staying warm. While our tips are helpful when your heater goes out, our expertise is fixing your heater/furnace to ensure that your home stays warm all winter long. Contact us today for more information about our services and to schedule a routine maintenance check on your HVAC unit. If your heater/furnace is on the fritz, just follow our tips and give our team a call!

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