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Heating & Air Conditioning in Irving, Texas

Comfort Masters Heating & Air Conditioning has been serving the residential and commercial clients of Irving since 2003.

When it comes to fixing your heating and air conditioning, installing new units, or maintaining the ones you have so they last longer, you can always count on our Comfort Masters Heating & Air Conditioning technicians to be there for you. Our techs are trained and certified so you know that they know what they’re doing, and they love their jobs.

When our techs come to you, they see it as more than just a service call. They know that you can’t love your life when you are constantly uncomfortable or when you are worrying about how much an HVAC repair is going to cost. They will work hard to get everything fixed at a price you can afford. Then you won’t have to worry anymore!

Need help selecting a new heater or air conditioner for your house? Call us with those needs, too. We’ll come out and figure out which of our favorite units would work best for you, based on the square footage of your home and how often you use your heating and A/C.

We’ll even help you order your chosen unit and we’ll install it for you according to the manufacturer’s specifications. We’ll make sure you know everything you need to know about your unit before we leave, too, so you can get comfortable fast.

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We serve the Greater DFW area with 24/7 Emergency Services

Services We Offer to the City of Irving:

Air Conditioning Repairs

There’s no air conditioning repair we won’t do! Whenever you need air conditioning service or your air conditioning system isn’t keeping you cool, give us a call! We’ll fix it all, including:

  • When your A/C won’t turn on or off.
  • When your A/C turns on and off but does it so fast that no cooling occurs.
  • When your A/C makes unusual noises.
  • When your A/C stops responding to your thermostat.
  • When your A/C is running up your electrical bills.
  • When your A/C isn’t keeping you cool enough, even when it seems to be working just fine.

Air Conditioning Installation

Is it time for a new air conditioner? Call us for your air conditioning installation in Irving today! We’ll help you get the perfect new air conditioner for your house. We’ll work with you to ensure that we know everything we need to know to help you choose a new A/C.

When you’ve chosen your new A/C unit, we’ll work to get your air conditioning installation in Irving finished as soon as possible. We always install according to manufacturer specifications so you can be sure to have a new A/C that works!

Education for Homeowners

We answer all your questions so you can be confident in your decisions.

Clean Home Guarantee

Sweeping, dusting, and vacuuming will be accomplished at the conclusion of each days work and all debris from the premises

Satisfaction Guarantee

All work will be preformed in a neat and professional manner by journeyman class technicians. 

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Ductless Mini-Split HVAC Systems in Irving

One great option for staying comfortable and improving indoor air quality is to install ductless HVAC in Irving.  Because these systems don’t utilize air ducts like traditional furnaces or boilers, there’s less space where dust and debris can gather. You’ll have cleaner air without sacrificing heating or cooling capabilities.

These may also be known as mini-split systems in Irving.

Ductless HVAC in Irving is not for everyone. Some homes are not compatible and some usage patterns don’t do well with these types of systems.

We’ll come out and do an evaluation, then let you know if a mini-split system in Irving might be a good idea for you and your family. If it might work, we’ll work with you to get it installed and teach you how to use it fast.


Heat Pump Services in Irving

It can be hard to find reliable technicians to perform heat pump service in Irving. After all, heat pumps aren’t as common as furnaces, so some companies won’t work on them or don’t know how to do it well. At Comfort Masters Heating & Air Conditioning, just call and say, “Fix my heat pump!” and we’ll have an expert to you fast.

Before you know it, your heat pump repair in Irving will be completed and your heat pump won’t be broken anymore!

If you’re looking for heat pump replacement or heat pump installation instead, we have you covered. We would be happy to help you find the perfect new system for your home, too! Just give us a call today and we’ll be there to help you out soon.


Commercial HVAC Services for Irving

As the commercial HVAC Comfort Masters Heating & Air Conditioning in Irving, we understand that our business customers have different needs than our residential ones. When you call us for commercial A/C help, you’ll get a technician who specializes in working with companies like yours. Your tech will get to you quickly, perform an assessment of your needs, then get to work.

Whether you need air conditioner repair in Irving or furnace installation or more, call us at Comfort Masters Heating & Air Conditioning. We are the commercial HVAC Comfort Masters Heating & Air Conditioning in Irving that’s right for you.

Warranty-Backed Work

We offer 1-2 year warranties on repairs and up to 10-year warranties on systems we install so you can be confident your system will last.