Tips on How To Stay Cool When Your AC Breaks

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Tips on How To Stay Cool When Your AC Breaks

Nothing is worse than arriving home to find that your air conditioning has broken down and turned your house into a sauna. The Texas heat can leave your house feeling hot and muggy, which in turn can leave you feeling sweaty, irritable, and exhausted. A home like this will have you scrambling for options, some of which may take a bite out of your wallet such as spending on a hotel room. To avoid sitting and suffering in the heat while you wait for your AC repairs in Fort Worth, follow these tips on how to stay cool when your AC breaks:

1. Lower the Shades

Most people enjoy the beauty of natural lighting in their home. Unfortunately, the sun’s rays coming through your window creates a greenhouse effect within your home. As the day goes on, the temperature in your home will only continue to climb with no sign of relief in sight. A way to combat this and help keep the sunlight out of your home is by drawing the curtains or lowering the shades. What you lack in natural lighting will be made up by a cooler atmosphere. It is also a wise idea to ensure that your windows are shut when you do this. While many people claim that open windows can help encourage a cross-breeze, it does very little to keep the warm air outside of your home.

2. Open the Windows at Night

There is a gradual decrease in temperature during the night that can aid you in keeping your home cool. Open your windows in the evening to allow the hot air from the daytime to escape. In turn, this allows the cool air to make its way inside your home. Just make sure that you close your windows again in the morning to keep the warm air from coming back indoors.

3. Create a Makeshift Air Conditioner

You can create your own personal air conditioner with ice and a fan. First, gather a few mixing bowls and fill them with ice. Next, place the bowl of ice in front of a table fan. The warm air coming from the fan will begin to melt the ice which will then act like refrigerant, cooling down the air that is passing through. All you have to do now is just sit beside the fan and breathe in some nice cool air. You can continue this process until your air conditioner is fixed.

4. Turn the Ceiling Fans Counter Clockwise

Ceiling fans are typically sent to move clockwise, drawing the air down towards those who are sitting underneath it. While this is perfect for providing an extra bit of cool air when your air conditioning unit is working, it does little to help keep you cool when it is only pulling down hot air. Naturally, cooler air sinks. A fan rotating counterclockwise will help draw up the cool air from the bottom and disperse it around the room. If you are unsure how to change the rotation of your fan, simply look at the mounting fixture of the blades. There should be a switch that you can hit to change the rotation.

5. Use Cool Towels

Another way to escape the heat is by lowering your own body temperature. Take two towels and run them under cold water. Place one of the towels in your freezer and the other around your neck. The cold sensation on the back of your neck will help naturally lower your body temperature, helping you feel cooler as well. Once the first towel loses its coolness, switch it with the one in the freezer.

6. Avoid Using Oven and Stoves

Stoves and ovens add unnecessary heat to your home. While you’re trying to stay cool, opt for sandwiches made from cool-cuts and fruit instead. Also, limit game and computer usage because the fans in these systems are designed to keep hot air away from the batteries and hard-drives, pushing it into your home.

How To Cool Off When AC Is Broken?

When Summer is in full force, there are several strategies to cool off when your AC is broken.

  1. Start by closing blinds or curtains to block out sunlight, as direct sun can significantly increase indoor temperatures.
  2. Next, create a cross-breeze by opening windows on opposite sides of your home, especially during the cooler evening hours. Employing fans can also help circulate air and make the environment feel cooler.
  3. If possible, spend time in lower levels of your home, as heat rises and basements or ground floors tend to stay cooler.
  4. Taking cool showers, staying hydrated with cold drinks, and wearing lightweight, breathable clothing can also help reduce your body temperature.
  5. Finally, consider using damp towels or sheets in front of fans to add a refreshing, cool mist to the air.

Call Comfort Masters For Heating and Air Conditioning in Fort Worth Today!

When your air conditioning goes out, following these helpful tips can definitely keep you cool while you wait. Do not forget to contact the professional team of HVAC technicians at Comfort Masters Heating and Air. We’re a local heating and air conditioning company in Fort Worth, and our years of experience allow us to repair your air conditioning unit quickly and help restore the cool air to your home. For repair, installation, tune-up, and maintenance services call Comfort Masters Heating and Air today!

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