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The Magic of Air Balancing

The Magic of Air Balancing Before you jump to the conclusion that the ever-present cold spot in your living room is a sign of paranormal activity, you might want to try air balancing. What is air balancing, you may ask? It is the process of testing and
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How To Improve Home Energy-Efficiency

How To Improve Home Energy-Efficiency Nobody wants to spend extra money on their Texas energy bills. Unfortunately, many homeowners find themselves paying hefty bills to keep their homes comfortable—especially during the sweltering DFW summer months.
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Home Heating & Air Education

Home Heating & Air Education How do you define comfort? Is it sitting in your PJs in your cool, air-conditioned home as you watch a movie? Or is it drinking a cup of hot tea while you’re warm inside on a chilly morning? While we all have different
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Heating And AC Operating Costs

Heating And AC Operating Costs One of the biggest advantages of modern technology is one we often don’t think about until it breaks down. Your heating and air conditioning work hard to keep your home at a comfortable temperature,
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What Is Considered Emergency HVAC Repair?

What Is Considered Emergency HVAC Repair? No homeowner wants to spend their hard-earned money on emergency HVAC repairs. The best way to avoid the need for urgent repairs is to take proper care of your HVAC system with routine maintenance and annual tune-ups.
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Does My HVAC Have To Be Repaired or Replaced?

Does My HVAC Have To Be Repaired or Replaced? According to Energy Star, the average residential air conditioning unit or furnace has a lifespan of about 15-20 years. Similarly, heat pumps tend to last for around 16 years before they’re likely to need
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