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Water in Your AC Drain Pan

Is it Normal to Have Water in the Drain Pan? Yes, it’s normal to find water in the AC’s drain pan. The AC drain pan catches condensation from the evaporator coils. However, it should not be perpetually full or overflowing, as that could indicate
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Preparing Your Home for Holiday Guests: 5 Essential Tips

Master The Weather This Holiday Season With Comfort Masters! The holiday season is a time for warmth, joy, and gathering with loved ones. If you’re hosting this year, ensuring your home is cozy and welcoming is paramount. From calling for furnace repair
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5 Signs Your AC Needs Replacement

Sometimes, you have to do an air conditioning replacement in Fort Worth, TX because your old unit breaks down. Other times, you might choose to get a new AC before this point, especially if the old unit isn’t working well. At Comfort Masters Heating &
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Reasons for Air Conditioner Installations in Fort Worth

Are you considering a new air conditioning installation in Fort Worth? Are you trying to weigh the pros and cons but you’re not quite sure of the benefits a new AC offers? At Comfort Masters Heating & Air Conditioning, we can help you get the best air
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Why Is HVAC Maintenance Necessary

Why Is HVAC Maintenance Necessary By making small investments in the upkeep and tune-ups for your HVAC system, you can bring yourself many benefits. It will keep the air clean, keep your heater and AC bills down, and help the environment. Many people think
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How to Prepare Your Air Conditioner for Summer

How to Prepare Your Air Conditioner for Summer Each summer, your AC works hard day in and day out to keep the property cooled down. You rely on it to keep you comfortable and in a good temperature indoors to seek solace from the hot summer sun. It would be a
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